The Spellctator: Chaotic


The Spellctator is a fun way to keep track of your magical powers, and intimidate your foes.

The Chaotic version features a wobbly edge. You never know where it’s going to go.


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The Spellctator: Chaotic is the smallest in area of the three alignments of Spellctator, and you never know whose side it’s on.

It features a pine wood plaque, approximately 18cm by 12.5cm and almost 1.5cm thick.

The pine wood has been finished in a clear matte, so as to avoid excessive… glare. (Get it?)

It comes with colour-coded “eye beams” to keep track of your available spell slots from levels 1-20.

It also features LRF (little rubber footsies) so that it can handle difficult terrain.

Each Spellctator is handcrafted, and unique. Yours may not be exactly as shown.


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